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San Jose City College Students' testimonials

These are some feedback memos submitted by students in the Engineering Physics (Physics 4A) course taught by Mark Bunge at San Jose City College. This program was supported by the California Virtual Campus. The students who wrote these memos all participated in the study group and tutoring sessions conducted by Virtual Classrooms' tutors Pavel Naumenko and Alexander Sandanov.

Here are Dr. Bunge's comments:

"All the quotes below were from students in an introductory physics course at San Jose City College They were all English as a second language students and I didn't correct their English. The role of the tutor was to guide the students in working together to construct their solutions to assigned homework problems."

And here are some of the students' comments:

Fall semester 2002:

From: Falguni N.

"The time I spent in the tutoring sessions was definitely worth it since the sessions were very helpful to me understanding the homework problems and some concepts in which I was having trouble understanding. If I were to study alone then I would have been stuck completing the problems or simply would have ended up doing the problems wrong. The tutor was a great help to me as he use to help me clear my doubts about some concepts which were not clear to me. "

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Spring semester 2003:

From: Tu N.

"I definitely would choose to work in a group with the tutor and others. The sections were helpful, and I like them. "

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From: Thao N.

"The tutor didnít work the problems for me, but he only helped other students and me to construct the solutions by giving helpful guidance when needed, so we can know how to solve the problems by ourselves. I believe it helpful to work with others in a group tutoring session rather than working alone with a tutor because working in a group can solve the problems faster and increasing my knowledge. "

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From: Thai H.

"I think it helpful to work with others in a group tutoring because we can share the ideas with other. I think this program went well for me because we can do it at night time, and we donít have to meet outside."

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From: Khoi L.

"I think the time I had spend with tutor might worthwhile, helped me a lots."

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