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Riverside College Students' Testimonials

These are some feedback memos submitted by students in the on-line College Algebra (Math 11) class and Intermediate Algebra (Math 35) class taught by Glenn Hunt at Riverside College. The students who wrote these memos all participated in the study group and tutoring sessions conducted by Virtual Classrooms' tutors, Nina Rinskaya and Oleg Ponomarev. This program was supported by the Los Angeles Region of the California Virtual Campus. 

Spring Semester 2002:

From: Raushanah B.

"Hi Mr. Kronquist,

I received a e-mail message from Nina at I am sorry that we will only have one more week of tutoring sessions. Nina has been very helpful during these sessions because she is very intelligent and she has a great way of explaing the math concepts. I like the way that she breaks down a tough math problem and give background information and rules for solving equations. Also, Nina is very encouraging to our group. If we solve an equation correctly, she gives us a pat on the back and if it is incorrect she is very friendly when she 
explains what is wrong.

Lastly, the centra now virtual classroom is wonderful. The feature that allows us to talk and listen to one another is genius. I really appreciate Nina's help and dedication to our course material as our knowledgeable tutor. I am very thankful for her time.

Sincerely, Raushanah B."

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From: Christine P.

"Dear Mr. Kronquist,
Upon hearing that Nina will not be able to attend the tutoring sessions for the rest of the semester, I was shocked and saddened. Nina has been a great help to me and I'm sure she has helped other students just as much, and maybe even more. She was friendly, extremely patient, and very very helpful. Now that she won't be there to help me with problems that I have problems with, I don't know how I'm going to get by in this class. I would go into the math labs to get tutored, but my schedule does not permit me to do such a thing. Nina's tutoring hours gave me a chance to be tutored during night time, when I don't have work, errands, or school stuff. I wish there was some way Nina can be funded to stay longer. I tried working on the MathXL site, the tutoring videos in the CD's, and following the instructions in the book, but Nina is much more useful. I and other students are able to interact with her and work out problems together. And because she is about the same age as most of us, it isn't as intimedating learning from her and that lets us ask questions about problems we do have problems on. I'm not sure what else to say except that this idea of tutoring online is pretty darn good and CAN WE PLEASE KEEP NINA!!
Christine P."

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From: Lisa R.

"Dear Ray Kronquist, 
My name is Lisa and I have been attending the tutoring sessions for math11. Nina Rinskaya was an excellent instructor during each session. She was very patient and explained every subject in get detail. Nina has a great understanding for math and in return she helped me understand problems that were confusing and difficult to work out. However, an online tutoring sessions can be difficult at times. What made it hard for me was the commuication. It wasn't Nina's fault. It was a new experience for me, and for me to learn I need a stranger means of commuication between the tutor and other attending members. Like I said Nina was excellent! I would like to thank her for giving up her time to help me in achieving a better grade. I'm sad to hear she wouldn't be able to help me anymore. 
Lisa R."

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From: Tiffany M.

"Hi Mr. Kronquist,
My name is Tiffany and I am in Mr. Hunt's online College Algebra class. For the past seven weeks, I have been participating in the online tutoring sessions with Nina. She has been wonderful. Each week, I go through all my homework assignments and I go over the quiz questions that I missed in my last chapter, and I, as well as the other students in our group, ask her specific questions, and she helps guide us through the entire problem, asking each of us individuals how to answer a certain part of the problem. I have learned so much key points just basically through the tutoring that Nina has provided these past seven weeks. I just wanted to email you this quick note because I received a message from Nina that she was no longer going to be able to do online tutoring due to a lack of funds for the program. This is extremely disappointing news for me. I plan on Nina's help through the problems and general key points throughout the chapters to assist me in my progress for the rest of the section. I have come to enjoy my Monday nights very much because at the end of every session, I feel like I have a total grasp on what I was completely lost on before all of Nina's help. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy online tutoring and would ask that if there is any way we can continue to have Nina's help, we could have it. She is great, and the entire program is so beneficial to my math skills as well as many other students in the program. Thank you Mr. Kronquist for listening, and I would also ask that if you need anything from us, as the students, so that we may keep this program alive, that you would please email me and let me know. Thanks again. Have a nice weekend. 
Sincerely, Tiffany"

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From: Summer P.

"To Whom it may concern: 
Nina has been a great help to me in the short amount of time I have had to work with her. She has helped me slow down and take time to work through problems I usually blaze through and get wrong. She has allowed me to be interactive with my learning(something that has never been possible in earlier math classes) and she has a likable personality and demeanor. She allows us to make mistakes, walks us through them and allows us to discover and fix them. This program has brought a little bit of socializing to this class that would otherwise be boring number crunching and more. I throughly enjoy this program and would gladly recommend anyone to use it. 
Summer P."

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From: Erin M.:

"Ray Kronquist, 
I wanted to e-mail you and let you know about the on-line tutoring sessions. I found the sessions very helpful. I have never been good in math and I found that the on-line tutoring sessions with Nina made some sense of the confusion I had. Any specific question I had, Nina would show me and explain to me in more than one way of how I could solve the problem. Nina especially helped me with any problem that had to do with graphing; whether it was plotting the points or graphing the inverse variation. Very confusing stuff for me. I was a bit skeptical when signing up for this on-line class because I have always needed a bit more help with math, and an on-line math class suggests no visual help from the math teacher. Of course, the class is completely done on-line. But thanks to the tutoring program, which allowed me to recieve one-on-one help from Nina, quite possibly better than my math teacher, I was reassured that I would be given a fair chance to understand the material. I hope that you understand that this tutoring program is extremely essential to the on-line math class. Hopefully, next time around, there will be more funds to extend the complete sessions for the full 10 weeks or so. Thank you. 
Erin M."

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From: Cynthia G.

"I am very sad to see the online tutoring discontinued. It has helped me greatly. I had to retake Math 11 again, to raise my grade, my tutoring notes from last semester have aided me greatly. This semester, I have not attended many meetings because of my work schedule, but now that I have adjusted my work schedule the tutoring sessions have come to an end because of financing. I am sorry to see it go, I highly recommend this tutoring, because it felt as if you were on a 1 to 1 with Nina. With my best regards to nins and you. Thank you for the help. 
Cynthia G."

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From: Stacie C.

"Hi Ray, 
I just wanted to let you know that online tutoring is very helpful and I like it a lot. I haven't been on the whole semester, but the few times that I have joined have been very helpful to me. Nina is great. She explains everything very well. I'm able to catch on very easily. I think online tutoring is an extra boost of help that is always needed. It's nice to be able to interact with others instead of always yourself. I hope online tutoring is able to be funded again. 
Stacie "

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From: Francisco C.

"The online tutorial sessions have allowed me to get a better explanation of the material I have been reviewing with help from classmates and my tutor Nina. It gave me the oportunity to get a feel of a classroom with the convenience of being in my home and setting up the time that was convenient for me."

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From: Carrie W.

"Hi. My name is Carrie. Oleg has been a help for sure. There are a few things that I've noticed that I think you should know and may or may not be able to change. One...Oleg gets kicked off alot during the tutor sessions. We then can't do anything until she returns. Second....It was very hard for the student and Oleg to understand each other about the math questions at hand until she received his copy of our book. He then was not only able to see what we were doing but could help make it more clear for us to understand. Also he then was able to challenge us with additional problems. This I felt was great! I was able to understand the sections better because he could tell us in his own words what the book said if we misunderstood it!

Thanks for your time!

Carrie W."

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From: Selina Y.

"Hello Ray, Oleg asked me to write you to give you some feedback about the sessions. Well first of all I'd like to say that Oleg knows quite a bit about math, and that really helps. The sessions went fine, my only problem was that there were never any other students who joined our session, which I think would have made it better cuz I could see what there doing, or struggling with, and it's just nice to have several people to get ideas from. However, since it was only me, I got all the time, so I probably benefited more from this arrangement. Well anyway Oleg has helped me quite a bit, so I appreciated the On- line tutoring. Thanks, Selina Y."

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From: Kristi M.

"Hello. I am just sending you this letter to let you know how I feel about the tutoring sessions. I thought they were very helpful. At first I was not to sure about Oleg helping more than one person at the same time, but I found that watching somebody do their problems helped me out a lot. Oleg seemed very interested in my progress also. He made sure I was at the meetings, and if not, he called to make sure that I remembered them. Overall, I found the meetings very informative and fun to attend. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.
Sincerely, Kristi M."

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Fall semester 2002:

From: Selina Y.

"The on-line tutoring program was an extremely helpful tool for me this semester. Taking on-line classes can be difficult, especially when you are not getting the regular face to face communication with instructors and students. But with the on-line tutoring, we got to interact with a highly educated math tutor, who could figure out just about anything, and also interact with other students. I would highly recommend to any student who wants to better understand their math course to participate in this tutoring program. 

Selina Y."

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From: Terrance S.

"Hi Dr. Kronquist, 

My last two semesters in math have been great because of online tutoring! I had so many problems with math but taking the tutoring program has helped me build my confidence in figuring out math problems. Nina is a great tutor, and this program is lucky to have her. Whenever I needed help with a problem she would help me solve the answer. If I was doing my homework and could not figure out something, I would email Nina my problem and she would email me back exactly what I needed to understand the problem. Online tutoring is like having your own personal teacher whenever you need one. I cannot say enough great things about online tutoring and the people in charge! My experience with online tutoring has giving me the tools to succeed at a subject that I used to think was my worst. Thank you for online math tutoring! 


Terrance S."

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From: Amy B.


I am a student enrolled in Mr. Hunts Math 11 class through Riverside Community College. In Nina’s email about grades, she mentioned giving a review of online tutoring. 

I am not one that warms up to math easily and was a little skeptical of being able to perform in the online tutoring sessions. As time went by, I became very comfortable with the white board and the friendly atmosphere that Nina creates in her tutoring sessions. I got to know Nina and her gentle, persuasive style of teaching, and became a productive participant. I found that Nina has a gift for prompting students to use the knowledge of math that they already possess and discover the steps needed to solve the problem. When a student becomes really stuck, she is nonjudgmental and shows the steps gladly. Nina’s tutoring sessions became the warm safe place to go with question in a class that was otherwise impersonal and difficult for me. 

Thank you Nina, 


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From: Koen W.


I recently finished the online course, Math 11 with Professor Hunt-Fall 2002. 

He offered an online tutoring session with Nina Rinskaya who is absolutely fantastic. She helped me so much. She explained the problems to me so that I could understand them. It was an incredible and fun experience for me and I recommend her to anyone taking any Algebra class. She will be getting her Masters degree in Mathematics and I personally think that she should be teaching an Algebra class. 

Nina took the time to explain the problems and showed me how to set up certain problems with certain formulas. She is a wonderful tutor who loves what she does and enjoys helping others to understand how and why we use mathematics. I feel very privileged to have been able to work with Nina. 

Thank you, 

Koen W."

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Spring semester 2003:

From: Jeni B.

"The online tutoring sessions for this class have been incredibly helpful. Once a few technical difficulties were overcome, I could hear and speak to Nina very clearly, and the format of the tutoring system made it easy to interact with. Nina herself was wonderful, a great teacher, and incredibly patient when I got frustrated. It's really in a large part due to her that I'm getting the grade I am in the class.  

Jeni B."

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From: Sheri S.

"Hello Ray Kronquist, 

I wanted to send my gratitude of having Nina work with me and be so patient in the online tutorials. It has been a pleasure and there was not one time that I left still confuse on the chapter's assignment. 

It was great to have Nina walk me through each problem that I asked for or she would sign some problems to us. She took time with each student so no one could leave the session without hands on training. I enjoyed and am very grateful for her time. I worked with Helen once and she was just as nice and patience as Nina. She walked me through a very tough chapter and after her notes and practice I was able to get a better understanding. 

Thank you for this opportunity. 


Sheri S."

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From: Amanda V.

"I did not attend all 10 sessions because I was unable to find a convenient time, in spite of everyone's best efforts to provide many different times for tutoring. Before my first session I thought this would be useless, especially considering that I have people in my home who are able to tutor me. I did, however, find the tutoring sessions quite helpful. I wish I could've attended more, but I also wish that more people had attended along with me because I didn't like having the focus on me the whole time. 

It was nice to have someone who understands math willing to show me step-by-step how to understand math myself, and it was extra nice to be able to do that in my underwear. 

Amanda V."

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From: Ruth D.

"Thank-you so much for the on-line tutoring Helen and Nina. You helped me understand College Algebra and made it so much easier. You were both so patient and helpful and very good teachers. I feel like this is an important part of the College Algebra course. It helped me to score better on all of my tests. Thank-you again for all your tutoring. 


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From: Jenny C.

"I found that attending the tutoring sessions with Nina was very helpful. The concept, at first, was quite strange, but after attending a couple of sessions it was very easy to get used to. Nina is brilliant both at math and teaching. If if you do not get a specific concept the first 300 times she will continue to explain it in as many ways as she can without making you feel stupid. Since the class was on-line having an actual live person teaching you was extremely helpful. Nina made this math class much more enjoyable!!!:)  

Jenny C."

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From: Jamie B.

"Dear Ray, 

Thanks to the tutoring from Helen and Nina, i was able to get through my college algebra class at R.C.C. They were a big help and thank you very much. 

Thanks again. 

Jamie B."

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From: MaryLouise B.

"I just wanted to say that I feel I really benefited from this program. Nina and Helen were very very helpful and it was a pleasure working with them. Thank you to Nina and Helen. 

MaryLouise B."

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From: Farouk C.

"I would like to thank those responsible for the tutoring session. I cannot express how much these sessions helped me with my Math class. I recommend this program to anyone taking Math classes as they are very helpful and they are very time conserving in that there is no travel. Thanks again. 

Farouk C."

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