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What is the session like?

  • You, your tutor and your classmates (in case you are not taking individual sessions) get online at the scheduled time from your own computer. The other people in the meeting will all be in different locations, but the software allows you to all work together just as if you were in the same room. To reserve the time for the session you should go to your class webpage and follow the instructions or click here to schedule an individual session with a tutor.
  • To enter the session, you should download the online meeting software, which represents a meeting room with audio feature (you will need a headset for communicating with your classmates and tutor), whiteboard and text chat. So you will have all the necessary tools which are essential for effective communication with your tutor and classmates. Click here to get detailed description of the software and instructions on how to get and use it.
  • After all the participants get together in the meeting room, your tutor asks everyone if there are any questions. These could be questions on general concepts or questions on the homework assignment. Participants ask their questions in turn and discuss each question all together. In case there are no questions, your tutor gives you problems similar to your homework assignment and you discuss them all together as well. Any questions which could arise during the discussion process are welcomed.
  • It is very important to prepare for the sessions, because if you are not familiar with the material being discussed, you won't be able to take an active part in the discussions. If you are not prepared at all, it is still better to come to the session than to skip it.
  • During the session, you will get answers to your questions and get a deeper understanding of the concepts being discussed. If your classmates are not able to help you with your problem, your tutor will give an explanation for you and other participants. If you feel you still don't understand something after your tutor has explained it, please ask for further clarification.
  • After each session you will be graded according to the grading system approved by your instructor. To get a higher grade you should be well prepared for the session (this doesn't mean that you should know everything, but you should read the assigned chapter and try to do your homework) and actively participate in discussions during the session.
  • If you feel that you need the whiteboard content, you could print it during the session and go back to it at a later time.
  • If you have any questions on this, please contact us.

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