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Ray Kronquist

Founder, Professional Background

phone: (408) 929-9066

Dr. Ray Kronquist, founder of Virtual Classrooms, has a strong background in physics, in teaching and in business. Further details are given below:


Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Ph.D. Plasma Physics, 1968

Washington State University, B.S. Physics, 1960

Professional experience:

Virtual Classrooms, San Jose, California, 1998-2003, Founder and President, Development of Online-Based Physics Courses and Online Tutoring Services.

San Jose State University, San Jose, California, 1998-2002, Physics Instructor.

San Jose City College, San Jose, California, 1999, Physics Instructor.

Mission College, Santa Clara, California, 1999-2003, Physics Instructor.

Semco Corporation, Livermore, California, Founder, President 1976-1997, Vice President Business Development 1997-1998, Retired June 1998.

Laboratoires de Marcoussis, Marcoussis, France, 1971-1976, Research Physicist-Basic Studies, Microwave Small Signal Transistors.

Raytheon Semiconductor, Mt. View, California, 1970-1971, Development Engineer, Microwave Power Transistors.

Amelco Semiconductor, Mt. View, California, 1968-1970, Research and Development, Integrated Circuits.

Teaching experience:

Dr. Kronquist has taught Introductory Physics at San Jose State University, San Jose City College and Mission College.

At all three of the above institutions, he combined online learning with class lectures. He organized online homework assignments and an online class discussion group. He emphasized student collaboration in class and online.

From Fall 2002 through Spring 2003, he taught an online version of the engineering sequence, Physics 4A and Physics 4B, at Mission College.

During the 1999-2000 academic year, he taught a fully online physics course to students at Corcoran High School in Corcoran, California.

Business experience:

Dr. Kronquist founded Semco Corporation, and he began Semco's operations in Santa Clara, California in 1976.

Semco began as a manufacturers representative organization and developed into a manufacturer of chemical management systems. Semco sold these systems to most of the major U.S. semiconductor manufacturers.

Dr. Kronquist managed Semco for over 20 years, and retired from the company in 1998. During this time he was intimately involved with sales and marketing, engineering, manufacturing, accounting, personnel, software development and legal matters.

Technical papers:

"Diffusion Profile Measurements in the Base of a Microwave Transistor", R. L. Kronquist, J.P. Soula and M.E. Brilman, Solid-State Electronics, 1973, Vol 16, pp. 1159-1171.

"Determination of a Microwave Transistor Model Based on an Experimental Study of its Internal Structure", R.L. Kronquist, J.Y. Fourrier, J.P. Pestie and M.E. Brilman, Solid-State Electronics, 1975, Vol. 18, pp. 949-963.

"A Chemical Management System for the Semiconductor Industry", Ray L. Kronquist, Semiconductor Safety Association Journal, March 1994, pp. 32-36.

"Online Study Groups with Online Tutors", Mark Bunge and Ray Kronquist, Online Student Services Conference, Sacramento City College, March 27, 2002.

Language skills:

French, fluent, spoken and written (Spoke French in the workplace for 5 years, 1971-1976)

German, fluent, spoken and written (Took physics classes in German, Univ. of Bonn, 1960-1961)

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