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Nina Rinskaya



  • Class-to-class program
  • Contacts with France
  • Internet connection (looking for good providers for our tutors)
  • Designing and improving sessions (how to make sessions efficient, productive and interesting)

My name is Nina, and I live in Siberia, Russia. I'm a six year student in the mathematics department of the State University. A year ago I got the bachelor's degree in mathematics, and now I'm taking my master's program.

The basic courses I've taken in the University are calculus, algebra, geometry, mathematical logic, discrete mathematics, differential equations, functional analysis, theory of functions of a complex variable, numerical methods, probability and statistics, topology, theoretical mechanics, hydrodynamics and some other applied mathematics courses.

I'm working in the Department of Computing Systems of our University. My interest is the theory of concurrency; especially such formal models as timed Petri nets and event structures.

I've been studying English since I was 14 years old in school. (I also studied French; it was my major subject in our school). Then I continued studying English in the University.

I have been working as a math tutor for Virtual Classrooms since 2000 and I think students liked to work with me and they found the online tutoring program helpful. You can find students' testimonials here. I enjoy working as a tutor and I hope that my further career would be related to teaching.

My most valuable character traits are responsibility, enthusiasm and a good sense of humor. I always try to achieve my goals such as studying. I'm an easy-going person and always glad to meet new people. My main hobbies now are computer science and the Internet, but also I like animals, reading books, music and travelling. In addition, I like gardening and growing the flowers.

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