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Helen Mesheryakova



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Currently I am a PhD student of Lavrentyev Insitute of Hydrodynamics of the Siberian Department of Russian Academy of Science, majoring in differential equations of hydrodynamics. I have acquired a MS degree at Novosibirsk State University in June, 2003. I have taken the following courses: Calculus I-IV, Higher Algebra, Analytic Geometry, Number Theory, Mathematical Logic, Computer Programming, Computation Methods for problems of Linear Algebra, Theoretical Mechanics, Programming in Delphi, Ordinary Differential Equations, Differential Geometry, Mathematical Modelling, Theory of Function of Complex Variable, Probability Theory, Functional Analysis, Statistics, Hydrodynamics, Gas dynamics, Russian History, Introduction to American Literature, Philosophy. I passed all the exams successfully, almost all with excellent grades and received a honors diploma.

My objective is to become a highly skilled teacher. Therefore, tutoring math is essential for my professional growth.

Tutoring experience:

Since January 2000 I work as a math tutor for Virclass Corporation. I tutored Statistics at the College of Marin (4 semesters) and De Anza College (3 semesters), algebra at Riverside City College (1 semester). Lead individual tutoring sessions in Calculus. You could read some of my students' feedbacks here.

Other interests:

  • Sport activities: Good in swimming, enjoy playing active outdoor games; was an instructor assistant in my physical education class for a year; took classes in jazz dance and classical dance; go to gym regularly.
  • Music: Graduated from a music school, play violin and piano.
  • Hobbies: photography. Appreciate good and unordinary pictures and like to take pictures of nature, my friends and pets.


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