Why online tutoring:

In today's competitive and high-tech world, the value of education has greatly increased, and the opportunity of getting one-to-one or small group lessons from an individual tutor has become a great advantage. With Virclass Corporation, you will gain all the benefits of individual help from knowledgeable tutors from your home via the Internet at a low cost and with a flexible schedule.

Virclass Corporation services:

We provide online real-time in person tutoring service both for individual students and for high-school and colleges.

Virclass Corporation was was formerly Virtual Classrooms, a sole proprietorship founded in 1998 by Dr. Ray Kronquist. In 2003, Vitual Classrooms was converted to Virclass Corporation, a California Corporation. Ray also has taught an online physics course at Mission College in Santa Clara, California.

For several years, Virclass Corporation (Virtual Classrooms) has provided online tutoring services to K-12 and college students in the U.S. using tutors in Russia. Most of instructors and students who have participated in our program have greatly appreciated it and found it helpful. You can find students' testimonials here.

How it works:

We use special Internet meeting software which allows to students and tutors to work together online by typing text messages, drawing graphs, diagrams and formulae on a whiteboard using the mouse. The participants can also speak using a microphone or a headset. This software allows the students and tutor to communicate easily and efficiently in groups of 1-4 students. Usually the tutor and the student(s) get online at the appointed time and have a 2 hour tutoring session. During the session the tutor and the student(s) discuss math/science concepts, work together on course material and learn to solve problems that the student needs help with.

What the advantages are:

  1. Student gets help from knowledgeable tutors skilled in the subject mater;
  2. Individual approach (individual tutoring or small group tutoring);
  3. Team work experience if students work in group;
  4. Student can work from his/her own home;
  5. Flexible schedule: student can choose the time that would be convenient for him/her;
  6. Student learns Internet and computer skills;
  7. Low costs;
  8. Having fun

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