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Our team

Our president is Dr. Ray Kronquist, and he manages Virclass Corporation from our headquarters in San Jose, California.

Most of our tutors are under- or post- graduate students of Novosibirsk State University. All of them are excellent students, continually improving their skills through courses at NSU and through teaching experience they get working with Virclass Corporation. Many of our tutors conduct their own research in the field of their major at one of the Institutes of Siberian Division of Russian Academy of Science in order to get scientific degrees. To see the tutor's resume, click on the name.

Ray Kronquist, Founder

Paul Dortman, Programmer

Helen Mesheryakova, Lead tutor and staff manager

Nina Rinskaya, Lead tutor and class-to-class program manager


Alexander Bystrov, Statistics

Oleg Ponomarev, Math

Natalia Bulgakova, Math, Chemistry, Biology

Pavel Naumenko, Math, Physics

Alexander Shapeyev, Programming in C/C++, Math

Nidhi Mahajan, Computer Science, Math

Navjot Singh, Physics, Biology

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