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Information and Services

  1. Philosophy of this site. Physics, science and collaboration.

  2. About Virtual Classrooms Explanations of this site, tailored to your background.

  3. The Online Courses Links to all the chapters for our online courses. Physics concepts are explained simply through conversations with former students. There are links to ten other web sites which offer more detailed explanations. There is a charge if you take the course for credit, but you can view it at no charge through November 30, 2000.

  4. Discussion groups and chat sessions for all physics students This is a service which is also free through November 30, 2000. We have set up specific sites dedicated to some of the most popular physics textbooks. For each of these textbooks, we help you schedule real time chat sessions with other students using the same text, whether they are at your school or across the country. You will also find Discussion Groups for each chapter in the text. You can use these Discussion Groups to post questions and to answer other students' questions. So, you now have a way to collaborate with other students online to get help whenever you need it.

  5. Online Physics Tutoring Services Now this is a service for which we charge a small amount of money. If you want better answers than your classmates can give you through the Discussion Groups and Chat Sessions, we offer online tutoring sessions with physics graduate students and professors. If you like, you can share your session with a few classmates and make your individual costs very low.

  6. Other Fields This page has some links to web sites for fields other than physics, such as algebra, chemistry and biology.

  7. Schools This page has a discussion group for parents and teachers to post questions, answers and ideas on online education. It also has links to web sites for specific schools.

So, why not explore some of the features of our site? Take advantage of them to make learning easier and more fun.

Good luck, and have a great time!...Dr. Ray Kronquist, Founder, Virtual Classrooms

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