There are a number of courses we have tutored in online study groups — that is, the online sessions were either a part of the course requirement or optional but gave extra credit. We have also lead individual sessions for students who just needed some help with the course material or wanted to get a deeper knowledge of the subject. The range of the subjects we can tutor covers math, physics, biology and chemistry, — all up to the graduate level.

The courses we have tutored in online study groups:

Intermediate Algebra [Riverside College, CA]

College Algebra [Riverside College, CA]

Physics [San Jose City College, Mission College, CA]

Statistics [College of Marin, De Anza College, CA]

Math [Belcourt School, ND]

Individual sessions were with students from Los Altos High School, Mt. View High School, Mt. Hamilton Elementary School and Allan Hancock College in algebra, calculus, geometry, physics, biology and chemistry.

You could take a look at some student's testimonials and learn how online tutoring worked for them.

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