About us

Virclass Corporation is a California corporation, founded by Dr. Ray Kronquist to work in the international education field. Virclass Corporation was formerly Virtual Classrooms, a sole proprietorship, and it is based in San Jose, California. We provide online tutoring services on a very high level and at excellent rates. Virclass Corporation helps U.S. students to get a deeper knowledge of math, physics, statistics, biology, and chemistry, become team workers and get familiar with modern online meeting software. We use the power of the Internet to connect people of different nations and help them collaborate together. The main core of the company's staff resides in Novosibirsk, Russia.


Virclass Corporation organizes international projects and promotes intercultural understanding. As we develop our projects with people in different countries helping each other in education and in other fields, they benefit economically and professionally, and they build relationships and friendships.

It is our hope that these relationships between people in many countries will lead us in the future to a more peaceful and secure world.


To introduce online tutoring in schools, colleges and universities, so students could get help from an expert right from their computers. We believe online tutoring can be especially helpful for students who take online courses. We plan to continue working with Russian tutors because this allows us to utilize their excellent academic and teaching skills, while reducing the cost of online tutoring services in the USA. This is possible due to the much lower cost of living in Russia compared to the U.S. We also plan to increase collaboration between Russian and American students by means of joint research in fields of business (Business marketing program) and a partnership program between Russian and American schools (Class-to-Class program).

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